Student Spotlight Livestreams

Every month, The Hustle Secrets founding coaches Spin and Reas host multiple Student Spotlight Livestreams for our community. These sessions offer our students an inside-look into the businesses of some of our most hardworking and successful students. We go in-depth into what they sell, how long it took them to achieve their success, how The Hustle Secrets programs have helped them, the ups and downs they've faced, what motivates them, and the advice they have for their fellow students in The Hustle Secrets. We hope you enjoy these conversations as much as we do!

Before you know it, you may be the next one giving your testimony!

Shevaughn - $50K in 6 months with her hair care brand

Shevaughn launched her first ads in the Level Up Mentorship Program 6 months ago using the THS strategies, and has been steadily increasing her revenue by thousands each month!

She finished last month at $13K, her first ever 5-figure month, and has generated over $50K in revenue since she launched! In this interview, Shevaughn shares with us: 

- Her journey from Jamaica to Canada

- Giving away her products for free to building her brand

- Her advice for creating your own hair product recipes

- Educating your customers vs. selling to them 

- How to unify your branding and photos on your website

- How to deal with negative comments - delete or keep?

- How to increase positive comments from your customers on your ads (This one was a game-changer!)

- The inspiration behind her hair care products

- How she has reorganized parts her life to keep up with increasing order fulfillment

- Ensuring you're profitable vs. only increasing revenue 

- How she maximizes her membership in the Level Up Mentorship Program

- So much more!

Gen - £50K with her UK-based hair brand

Wow...thank you to Gen for spilling so much incredible information with us about her hair business and also running an online business in general. Gen made over £50K last year with her brand and wants to double it this year. She shared her entire business journey with us:

- Gen' trip to China to find suppliers

- Paying thousands to agencies vs. What she does now 

- Pricing your products for PROFIT

- What you need to do to rebrand your website

- Quality control for products

- Staying in the know for all aspects of your business

- Making data-driven decisions 

- So much more!!

Gen is in one of our mentorship programs. She has been attending sessions consistently and applying the coaching to her business, and it's been paying off. 

We want to get you the same results. Submit the quick application here to our programs, and jump on a strategy call with the coaches. Let's get you to your first 6 figures with our step-by-step process.

Tune in to this interview for Gen's full business story!

Charlotte - $20K months with her jewelry brand

When Charlotte first joined The Hustle Secrets, she was not making enough sales to sustain her business. After patiently showing up to coaching calls, implementing the steps, and completely rebranding her company, things finally started to click. 

She finished November and December with $10K each month - her most successful months yet at the time, only to double it to $20K last month - surprising even herself with what was possible!

In this interview, we discuss with her the changes she made to her jewelry brand that took it from few sales to her first $10K and $20K months!

We discuss effective product research for her jewelry brand, how to get good creatives, the scaling process, mindset when it comes to change, and so much more!


Esther - £47K ($60K USD) with her UK-based clothing brand

Esther started gaining traction for her clothing brand back in March, 2023. She had her first breakthrough with her product research in July while in our Inner Circle Mentorship Program, which led to her finally seeing sales come in! What do you think was the key thing that she changed?

Since July, she has been DOUBLING her sales every month! From £5K to £18K months! She has done over £47K ($60K USD!) since she started gaining traction a few months ago.

In this interview we discuss:

- Outsourcing your website creation -  do or a don't?

- How to reframe your thinking about product research

- How to handle an influx of orders

- Her tips for seasonal clothing items

- Targeting UK vs. USA audiences

- And so much more!

Tune in to hear Esther's full story!

Rotimi - His 2nd 6-figure business - $139K for his jewelry brand

This Student Spotlight with Rotimi was incredible! We heard Rotimi's journey through ecommerce selling jewelry and all the things he learned through the process. He made over $139K in the first 8 months of his new brand!

Rotimi is in our Inner Circle Mentorship Program, and benefits from access to the daily coaching sessions and specialized classes which he attends regularly. 

Tune in to this session to hear the ins and outs of how he runs and scales his jewelry brand!

Abdoulaye - $90K in less than 6 months with his hair brand

Abdoulaye joined The Hustle Secrets in 2021 by purchasing the Full Mastery Course.  However, like many people, he did not take action right away - selling only organically for the first 5 months of the year.

However, once he took the full course and started implementing The Hustle Secret’s methods with ads, he increased his revenue to $13K in June alone!  
Abdoulaye then joined the Level Up Mentorship Program in July to benefit from daily coaching sessions and specialized classes, which has now lead him to multiple 5-figure months in a row, generating over $90K in revenue!

In this Sunday’s Student Spotlight, we’ll be diving into Abdoulaye’s journey so far, and what he plans to do next. We can’t wait to hear more!

Patience - $150K in so far with her skincare brand

When Patience joined The Hustle Secrets in 2021, she was struggling to make sales and had never launched ad campaigns before. Since then, she has put in the work. She began applying everything she learned in The Full Mastery Course to her brand and getting some traction, before she then joined our Inner Circle Mentorship Program last year.

This summer she has been CRUSHING IT, with her highest months yet at $20K and $30K! She's made more in a month this summer than she has in the past 2 years!

Patience has made over $150K this year so far with her brand!

Tune into this session to hear her whole story.

Genise - $129K with her clothing brand

Our Student Spotlight with Genise was amazing! She described in-depth on how she runs her active and loungewear brand. We covered the following topics:

- How did her first launch go?

- Why she chose to get mentorship

- How was Black Friday for her last year?

- What does she plan to do this year for Black Friday?

- How email marketing has benefited her business

- How did she find her supplier?

- How does she verify the quality of her products?

- How does she do photoshoots for her brand?

Watch this interview to hear her full story!

Garence - $277K in 6 months with her skincare brand

She's on track to make over half a million this year! Garence joined The Hustle Secrets in 2021 with just our Full Mastery Course. She had success on and off with her skincare business, but didn't have her breakthrough until she started showing up consistently!

Garence then joined The Inner Circle Mentorship Program after it first launched and things started to turn around in 2022. She's been CRUSHING IT! See her progress here:

All of 2021 with Full Mastery Course: $37K

All of 2022 in Inner Circle Mentorship: $62K

2023: $277K so far in 7 months!

Tune in to hear what kind of products does she sell? What did she change to get her break through? How is she currently scaling? 

Tangee - No website or sales to an $8K month!

Tangee first discovered The Hustle Secrets in April of 2023 with our $5 Four Part Formula Course, and immediately started getting involved! 

She applied to our mentorship programs and hopped on a call with one of our coaches. She joined the Level Up Mentorship Program the same day! Tangee wasted no time in attending the daily coaching calls, building her first website, learning ads, and applying what she needed to do to her business - and it has definitely paid off!

She went from not fully understanding how to build a website or ads, to nearly being overwhelmed with orders! She finished her first full month of running ads with nearly $8K in revenue!

Tune in to hear about her journey and what she plans on doing next!

Laterika - $20K months with her fashion brand

When Laterika joined The Hustle Secrets in 2021, she was struggling to make sales with her business. Since then, she has put in the work. She went from making only $1.2K in all of 2021, to up to $10K/month in 2022, to now in the middle of her highest month yet at $18K in July, 202!

In addition to how she is achieving her $20K+ month, we discussed:

- Agencies and Your Money

- Taking Time Off

- Choosing your Bestseller

- Time Management

- How to Listen to Your Customers

- Getting to Your OWN $20K Month!

Raoul & Breonna - $161K since Joining THS Mentorship

Raoul and Breonna are the perfect example of perseverance with their brand. When they first joined The Hustle Secrets in 2021, they were struggling to make consistent sales for their brand. Now, they have made over $100K so far this year (2023) and $161K since joining The Hustle Secrets Mentorship Program!

How did they go from no sales to 5-figure months? What was their breakthrough? What do they sell? What is their day-to-day in the mentorship program? Watch their Student Spotlight above. 

Fatim - Over $128K in 6 months 

Building up a successful business can take YEARS!  Fatim is a designer and businesswoman, who has grown her 6-figure fashion business from the ground up with the help of The Hustle Secrets mentorship program! Let's take a quick look at Fatim's numbers: 

In 2020, Fatim's brand made $20K for the year.

In 2021, she more than tripled to $89K for the year after joining THS.

In 2022, she more than doubled and finished with $186K!

In July of 2023 she's already at $128K halfway through the year!

Watch her livestream above to hear all about her journey. 

Deniece - $74K since discovering THS 4 Months Ago

Deniece discovered The Hustle Secrets just 4 months ago in March. She first purchased our 4 Part Formula course for just $5, and was so impressed by the amount of value given for the price that she immediately wanted to dive in further. 

She then started implementing the advice given in our Private Facebook Group, and made an extra $1,000 just from that. Knowing she was onto something, she then jumped right into our Mentorship Programs and hit the ground running.

Deniece has now made over $20K in revenue last month (June, 2023)! 

Tune in to Deniece's Student Spotlight to get answers to the following questions:

- How did she almost lose her business?

- What does she sell?

- How is she planning on scale further?

- What did she learn in our Facebook Group that brought her an extra $1K?

Omotayo - Achieved her first £10K month in just 2.5 months

Tayo went from barely making any sales to now her highest month yet at over over £9,500 in July, 2023! As if that wasn't impressive enough, she just had a baby weeks before she started! She wasted no time diving in to the coaching calls, learning ads, and applying what she needed to do to her business - and it has definitely paid off:

May 19th - First 5 orders in the program - £321

Month of June - £4,648

Month of July - Over £9,500 and counting!

Watch this session to hear Tayo's full journey with her business in the Level up Mentorship Program! We'll discuss: 

- How to do proper Product Research?

- What does Tayo sell?

- How does Tayo balance motherhood with entrepreneurship?

- What has she learned about branding and creatives?

- What is her typical day like in the Level Up Mentorship Program?

Ci Ci -$26K in 3 months with her shapewear brand!

When Ci Ci joined The Hustle Secrets last year, she was struggling to make sales with her brand. Ci Ci joined our Level Up Mentorship Program just 3 months ago and has already made over $26K since and opened up her dream physical store! 

Last month, she finished with over $13K! With the success from her online sales, she was then able to make her dream come true of opening up her own physical store. Join us in hearing how she made it happen, what her next goal is, and get a tour of her new store!

We can't wait to see how the rest of 2023 goes for her