VIP Group

What is the VIP Group?

The VIP Group is the perfect accompaniment to The Hustle Secrets Course and offers unmatched value that will help you expedite your business’s success.
For only $100/month, the VIP group offers a minimum of 4 monthly Zoom calls with The Hustle Secret Coaches. However, they typically host 2 calls a week (8 calls a month). The Zoom Help Sessions are group calls, but each student attending is given one-one-one time to get their questions answered. 

The calls are PACKED with value and each student gets to ask questions directly to the coaches during the group calls. The coaches audit student's websites, review their ads and data, and give business-changing suggestions on all of the live help session calls.

Our VIP students are doing amazing! The calls are currently on Saturdays at 1:00pm EST, and also Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm EST.

Please note, the VIP group is NOT a replacement to The Hustle Secrets Course. You must have already taken the course and are actively working on implementing all the course’s methods. The course itself already provides you with everything you need, and the VIP Group is a good option if you need additional help with your ads, website, or implementing any other strategy. If you join the VIP Group, it is strongly suggested that you invest time in watching all the previous Zoom calls as well, as your questions may have already been answered and there is so much helpful information in each call!

Click HERE to join.

Once you join the VIP Group, you can request to cancel at any time by emailing Message us if you have any more questions!